Auto Diagnostics Solutions (AE)

Auto Diagnostics Solutions (AE) is the leading distributor and supplier of vehicle automotive diagnostics equipment.

Auto Diagnostics Solutions (AE) provides a wide range of automotive diagnostic, scanning and code reading equipment.

Our products are of exceptional value, constantly developed, and very well supported. We provide global solutions for local markets. To do this we have partnered with exclusive suppliers from around the world.

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Vehicle Inspection/Car Evaluation

Auto Diagnostics Solutions (AE) has partnered with centres which are conveniently located to provide for professional and hassle-free vehicle inspections every time you need them.


Garage Equipment and Spare Parts

Find high quality garage equipment and spare parts for your garage workshop with Auto Diagnostics Solutions (AE).
Whether you are looking for vehicle lifts, compressors, exhaust extraction…


Key Programming

A car transponder system works by exchanging info through a radio transmission between the vehicle and the key. Transponder keys are implanted with a chip key (microchip) that has its own unique serial number.


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