– OPPS head.
– 16 Pin OBD Cable.
– LAN cable (RJ45 / ODU plug).
– Fiber Cable.
– Carrying case.


OPPS is a complete system used for diagnosis and programming BMW vehicles after E65 series. The OPPS unit with DIS software is used for diagnosis, which is carried out via OBD-II socket. The OPPS unit with SSS software is used for programming , which is carried out via OBD-II socket and MOST socket.

On vehicle models from the E65 and above, BMW for the first time is using fiber-optic cables as standard for communication between control units. The optical buses are notable for their high data transmission rate and they are not susceptible to electromagnetic interference. The optical buses are: the MOST bus (primarily used for in-car entertainment electronics), the byteflight bus (predominantly responsible for safety functions).

OPPS is intended for rapid programming of control units. When it operates with SSS software, no diagnostic or technical measuring procedures are possible because of lack of built-in measuring technology. In this case OPPS is used predominantly for control units programming (flashing). Communication with the vehicle can be performed both via the MOST bus and via the OBD interface. The OBD interface is required for the power supply to the OPPS. Its communication properties let to identify vehicle and determine data which can be programmed.

Difference between OPPS and OPS: OPPS has ability to use byteflight interface for checking of control units.


Read fault codes
Clear fault codes
Component test
Data maintenance
Components location
Wiring diagram

Compatible software:

SSS v32.0 multilangual (German, French, Spanish, Italian, Netherland, Swedish, Japan, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Taiwan, Russian, Indonesian, Turkish, Greek, Portugese)
DIS v57 (english only) 03.2009 multilangual (English, Russian, German, Swedish).


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