Vehicle Inspection/Car Evaluation

We can take a look under the hood

Auto Diagnostics Solutions (AE) has partnered with conveniently located centres to provide professional and hassle-free vehicle inspection any time you need them. Backed by a team of dedicated vehicle inspectors and specialists, equipped with most advanced technologies in vehicle inspection, to bring your inspection experience to a whole new level of satisfaction.


Through these partnerships Auto Diagnostics Solutions Ensures a complete road worthiness inspection service compliant with the requirements for all types of vehicles including motorcars, motorcycles, taxis, buses, light good vehicles and heavy goods vehicles.

A complete road worthiness inspection involves:


Garage Equipment and Spare Parts

The first choice for garage equipment EMEAI

Find high quality garage equipment and spare parts for your garage workshop with Auto Diagnostics Solutions (AE).
Whether you are looking for vehicle lifts, compressors, exhaust extraction, MOT bays, tyre changers or wheel balancers; you can find the right garage equipment for your needs. Browse our extensive collection of garage equipment services, spares, garage equipment parts online today.

Modernise your car garage or workshop with state of the art garage equipment parts, spares and accessories. Choose from our vast range of garage equipment spares and parts that are competitively priced without compromising on quality.
Whether you are looking for an affordable range of vehicle lifts, compressors, heaters, MOT Testing equipment, wheel aligners or tyre changers; you can find all the garage equipment services you require at Auto Diagnostics Solutions (AE), We even offer a full garage equipment spares programme on all our products.

Garage Equipments


Key Programming

We provide Professional / High Quality keys

A car transponder system works by exchanging info through a radio transmission between the vehicle and the key.  Transponder keys are implanted with a chip key (microchip) that has its own unique serial number. The vehicle will only start if it successfully recognizes the serial number that is embedded within its ECU (Electronic Control Unit).  So keep in mind that if the transponder chip is missing or damaged, the engine will fail to start and you will need a replacement car key!

Auto Diagnostics Solutions (AE) has steadily grown inventory and equipment in order to provide our customers with a full range of locksmith Products and Services.

We continuously monitor the needs of our customers and invest in providing a rich Product line of High Quality necessary equipment to our Clients in other for them to provide Professional Support to their clients.


Mileage/Odometer Correction

We can fine-tune your car

At Auto Diagnostics Solutions (AE), we offer mileage correction Products. All electronics have glitches from time to time, including the odometer in some cars. While it is illegal to change the mileage on your car and conceal that information from a potential buyer, some electrical faults can cause your odometer to incorrectly display your car’s mileage.

Mileage can be incorrectly displayed for a number of reasons; sometimes there’s an accident, and sometimes electronics just have issues. At Auto Diagnostics Solutions (AE), we require that all customers seeking mileage correction services have a legitimate reason for concern, as it is illegal to alter your car’s mileage and not disclose that information to potential buyers. Listed below are some common causes of odometer issues: