Key Programming

We provide Professional / High Quality keys

A car transponder system works by exchanging info through a radio transmission between the vehicle and the key.  Transponder keys are implanted with a chip key (microchip) that has its own unique serial number. The vehicle will only start if it successfully recognizes the serial number that is embedded within its ECU (Electronic Control Unit).  So keep in mind that if the transponder chip is missing or damaged, the engine will fail to start and you will need a replacement car key!

Auto Diagnostics Solutions (AE) has steadily grown inventory and equipment in order to provide our customers with a full range of locksmith Products and Services.

We continuously monitor the needs of our customers and invest in providing a rich Product line of High Quality necessary equipment to our Clients in other for them to provide Professional Support to their clients.

There are so many vehicles on the road nowadays that utilize modern security trends like transponder keys, laser cut keys, immobilizer, and proximity systems. Before we opened, the car dealer was the only option for extra or replacement keys. That is no longer the case. We provide the Professional / High Quality keys for most cars using high tech equipment and diagnostic scanners.

Auto Diagnostics AE Key Programming Solutions:

  • Transponder keys replacement
  • Ignition key programming
  • Wide variety of transponder key blanks
  • Switchblade keys replacement & programming
  • Chip keys  & Coded car keys
  • Car key battery replacement
  • Remote key programming & remote key fobs replacement
  • Switchblade key fobs replacement
  • Spare car keys

If you are in need of an Equipment for replacement car key, ignition key replacement, ignition key programming, switchblade keys, transponder key blank, car remote key, coded car keys, car key battery, switchblade key fobs replacement, or just want to be safe and obtain spare car keys, you’ve come to the right place.