Online SCN Coding for MB STAR C3/MB SD C4 Wireless Star Diagnosis



Online SCN Coding for MB STAR C3/MB SD C4 Wireless Star Diagnosis

Online SCN Coding for MB STAR C3/MB SD C4 Wireless Star Diagnosis

Information you need to know before purchasing this service:

1. This is online coding service, no real products, no need shipping.
2. You need have MB STAR C3 or MB SD C4 and corresponding BENZ Software. Software need at least 2015.7
3. We coding for you online, one time. Service once done, can not be refund.
4. For MB STAR C3,  SCN Coding cant be done for 212, 207, 204, 205, 222, 166, 213, 246
5.SCN coding only for a new replacement, otherwise it cannot be done.

How to proccess this online coding service:
1. Contact our customer service online, to check whether your software and hardware can process this online programming.
2. After we confirm with you that yours can do scn coding, you can place an order on our website and download teamviewer to your computer.
3. Prepare MB STAR C3, MB SD C4, car, laptop and teamviewer.
4. Choose the car model and programming system (eg, headlight XALWA-L)
5. Choose CONTROL unit adaptations
6. Choose offline program (CONTROL MODULE PROGRAMMING) then (SCN coding)
7. Give us teamviewer id and password.
8. login server (DALMLER)
9. Login server and finish SCN coding automotively.
What should you do after you order the online SCN coding service?
Note: no matter which version of online SCN coding service you pay, you are supposed to do the following procedure.a. We will contact you to arrange the time for remote control. And send you the remote control software.
b. Please tell us what function you want to do, your VIN number.
c. Prepare the remote control; you need to use the PC with Star diagnostic software run morally.
Give us your ID and password for remote control software; connect the star with your car.
d. We will log into the function for you remotely. During operation, sometimes you will be required to do some settings, such as turn on the ignition or Hanging files. So please wait nearby your PC.


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