– Vehicle Communication Interface 1.


SCANIA VCI1 (Scania trucks under 2004 years) VCI1 – DIAGNOSTIC INTERFACE used for the Scania trucks and buses 4 and 3 series.
To work with SCANIA models P, R, T, K, N (after 2004) you need to use SCANIA VCI2.
SD2 (Scania Diagnos software) SP2 (Scania Programmer software) for Scania 4 and 3 series (buses, trucks).


RS 232 required in laptop. 
USB to RS 232 (proliftic) converter can be used (tested, working)
List of supported systems:
APS – Air processingsystem 
BWS – Body work system 
BCS – Bus chassis system 
EBS – Brake management system 
EEC – Exhaust emission control system 
EMS – Engine management system 
COO – Coordinator 
ICL – Instrument cluster 
TCO – Tachograph system 
ATA, WTA, CTS and AUS – Auxiliary heater system, Clock timer system, Radio 
OPC and RET – Gearbox management system 
SMS – Suspension management system 
RTI – Road traffic information 
TPM – Tyre Pressure Monitoring 
LDW – Lane Departure Warning
Compatible software: SD2 v2.32.004, SP2 v2.29.004


Scania_VCI1_001 Scania_VCI1_002


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